Owning a racehorse is a pleasure that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years.  In the 21st century there are many different forms of ownership which mean that it is no longer exclusively the preserve of the super-rich.  The various different ways to become an owner are as follows:-

Sole Ownership

This is where one person owns the whole horse.  All the decisions will be taken between them and the trainer and all the owner’s prize money will go to the Sole Owner.  The Sole Owner is exclusively responsible for all the costs of the horse’s keep.  The Sole Owner needs to be a registered with Weatherbys as a registered owner.

Joint Ownership

This is when a small group of people own a horse together.  All Joint Owners are registered owners and they share the responsibility and costs.

Racing Partnerships

This involves a group of up to 20 people owning the horse together.  It is a fantastic way to own horses and split the expense between friends and also to meet new people.  Many lifelong friendships have been made through owning horses in Racing Partnerships. 


Members of the Fomo Syndicate celebrate as COVERT LOVE wins the Prix de l'Opera at Longchamp


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